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I'm now imagining Aziraphale periodically lowering his book to just gaze adoringly at the demon curled up by his side. This is my first attempt at a oneshot fanfic so please go easy on me! Hope someone likes it! This by no means was unusual, so he had music playing seemingly from nowhere and decided to let the thoughts of he and Roman flood his mind for the first time in days.
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Interrupted Intimacy

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Reproduction or procreation or breeding is the biological process by which new individual organisms — "offspring" — are produced from their "parents". Reproduction is a fundamental feature of all known life ; each individual organism exists as the result of reproduction. There are two forms of reproduction: asexual and sexual. In asexual reproduction, an organism can reproduce without the involvement of another organism. Asexual reproduction is not limited to single-celled organisms.
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A couple is about to have sex, or are in the midst of the act, but another person interrupts somehow. They have to stop to deal with the interruption. This trope can be played for comedy, drama, or both. Can often lead to a Relationship Reveal. If they choose to keep going, it's Coitus Uninterruptus.
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The human brain is hardwired to recognize faces. Humans will even see faces where there are none, such as The Man in the Moon. So there is something very disturbing about a person without a face.